Breathe Again

I remember,

the stare you gave me,

it was beautiful,

I couldn’t believe it,

but my heart was,

so enraged,

hurt from my past,

I denied it.

I wanted to,

actually I was,

Drinking it all away,

acting a fool,

scaring my friends away.

I was tired of lies,

tired of hurting inside,

tired of lying to myself,

every time I turned around,

I was always wrong.

Do you know how it feels,

to feel like everything you do is wrong?

Do you know how it feels,

to feel like you suck at relationships,

constantly reminded that you are imperfect?

That’s how I felt,

before I met you.

I was so hating myself,

for being myself,

I wanted to kill myself,


But then,

you came around,

with your eyes bright and brown,

smiling at me,

like I was worth something.

Massaging the weight off my shoulders,

now I am floating,

in the sky

looking down,

at the eruptions of life

As if all the negative energy,

inside me,

flowed like lava,

into the sea,

and cooled,

you guided me,

to a promised land,

that came to be.

This new land,

sprung new trees,

fresh acres of grass,

flowers and bushes,

we start over.

You breathed life,

into my dead body.

You gave me,

a new beginning.

You gave me,

exactly what I needed,


The Night Before

Your voice consoles my anxiety

I can only fantasize of your smile

soothing your face as we kiss

the man you need

like the night before.


The fragrance of your body

still linger on my sheets

I want to dream in them

hear the whispers of memories

like the night before.


Returning home

captured by your embrace

experiencing new adventures

how beautiful it feels

like the other night.


I am your Apollo

When it rains on your earth

I become your sun and light

your musician to ease your mind

like the night before.


Our time will come


fate will find a way


I will relive the moments


until I find you


like the night before.






In Love Again

Escaping this world

Leaving all behind


Young and free


In love again.

Taking us

above the clouds

We hid

Behind the sun

We danced

At the edge of noon

We walked

on the sea’s horizon

We kissed

Listening to the ocean’s music


In love again.


Losing hold

Perturbed eyes


To this world

The wind’s force

Upon my back

Trusting her

With my vulnerabilities


To this world

I close my eyes

She Clutches

A tender giant

Never wanting to let go

As we land

On this world








In love















You Are The Moonlight

While you sleep

I think of you


What your dreams are made of,

If I could catch a glimpse

Of your thoughts

In the stars

Shiny dim lights

Pulsating like hearts,

Searching for the moment

You were in my arms

When the moon rises

Your hair dances

With night’s warm breeze

Touching my war scarred face

Finding peace in me,

Your lips

Searching for mine

I can feel them


Beyond the soul

Distorted pictures

Years of pain

All that is left

Visions of you and I,

A reality


Carried by an ocean’s wave

From the storm

Rough seas

Gently crashing upon the shore

Filling footprints

That walk along the sands

Guided by your essence,

I will be lost

Without you,

The dark spaces

Hollowed emptiness

Shadows of a broken heart

No longer linger,

Permeated by a presence

I will follow,

Firmly holding on

To our memories,

You are the vanguard

Lead me.

You are the compass

Guide me.

You are the night’s brilliance

You are the moonlight.

Alongside Midnight

In the sleepless nights

I reach out to find you,

knowing you are not there.

My eyes closed,

a daydream begins.

The soul breathes the scent of your air.

I can see you next to me.

The teary of your eyes

blushing with purity.

The strength of my arms

canvasing your brown tone.

I become your wall of security.

The touch of your delicate hand

soothes my hardest complexity.

An instant flash,

through timeless streaks of space,

exceeds any perplexity.

The moment is realized

but my passion for you is delayed.

The immeasurable of my conviction

will keep alive all, never fade.

In the sleepless of nights

I wait,

to touch the warmth of your face.

Forever is not long enough

the passage of eternity,

our love ongoing

never to be replaced.

Missing You

Unsettling mind
lost pieces of a torn heart
a disturbed reality awakens
perilously feeling loneliness

only your touch can heal all wounds

Framed memories
emotionally disputatious
to what end?
shared moments nostalgic

only your presence fills the empty room

Beginning again
waiting for the unavoidable
amorous tears cover your redolence
until you return

reliving showered kisses missing under the moon


When we are apart
I long for the winds to bring us together
for every moment away
memories evanescent
my footsteps follow your shadow
but the night will take you away

When we are apart
emotions whisper through our eyes
listening to heartbeats
creating melodic sounds of love
memories afresh
loneliness becomes obsolescent

When we are apart
thoughts desolated
calmed by the redolence of your skin
lingering, restless
the winds bring us together
for every moment away
memories evanescent

Lips of Honey

I smell the taste of honey,
precluding argumentation of abstract feelings
yet I still find the words
the soul holds no boundaries to what it can hide
and eventually reveal
Hope is all we have
conceptualizing the strength of an embrace
a timeless longing
extracting the universe we created
from our perception
Like a dying moment
Slipping from the essence of consciousness
A dull sky, grey and lifeless
as the setting of bittercold fills my heart.
In dire need of your touch,
frantically gasping,
as with every breath
failing to remember your scent
A silent numbness overwhelms.
extracting the universe we created
from our perception
Like a fire engulfing a memory
burying the laughs and cries
beneath the rage of flames
immortally wounding,
all that I crave to feel.
I smell the taste of your honey
on my lips,
your kiss.

In My Arms

When you are in my arms
Sailing winds rise
An ocean blue
The sunrise
Harmonious, tepid
As a clear summer day
Love efflorescing in your eyes.

When you are in my arms
Stars lambent over your smile
The moon grace its presence
Exhaling all the while
Impregnable, unharmed
Solely penetrated by Cupid’s arrow
Together bonded never quintile.

When you are in my arms
daylight breaks the grey brume
affections uncrushed
my love consumed
nurturing away misery
tranced by your embrace
merging congruent attune