Selfish Misery

All emotions involved
when I miss everyone I love,
constant flashbacks of loneliness.
words cannot describe
the pain inside,
recycling phrases through vanished lips.
A tortuous feeling distancing the soul,
every breath vacuous.
Why have I been cursed with such?
Let the night take me away,
surround me with love’s void,
thin as paper;
the wind abstaining a touch of memory.
Selfish be misery
suffering all those I love;
faltering my gift until it falls
into an empty well.
Let the night take me away
a loud darkness
with no stars,
orchestrating sadness
towards love’s void,
thin as paper
yet thick as the
selfishness of misery.
Fill my glass with room temperature wine.
Black lit candles light the way
to a bittersweet end.
Why have I been cursed with such?
Selfish be misery,
forcing me to love through pain.
My piano be the keystrokes
of this painful poem
for my children and lover
who remain without me every night
as tonight.
While you dream I remain awake,
filled with violins of tears.
What tears me apart is
not watching over you while you sleep,
only an imagination,
filled with violins of tears.
You should see my strength,
it is only an illusion of my sorrow.
Had it not been for your love
I would have let the darkness take me away.
Selfish be misery,
watching me slowly die
and taking those who I cherish
with me.
A piano be the keystrokes of my lonesome life,
let the night take me away
with misery as selfish as it may be.

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Lady of the Wind


be the lady of the wind

how she cometh and goeth

stroking masculinity frail

tempting a muted soul to wail.

Where be thyself?

Oh! lady of the wind!

Drowned shadows weep under breathless trees

blearing reticent summer memories .

Beautiful lady of the wind

eyes bright changeth somber

over sins fantasized of poetic words

aimless thoughts cold from an obscuring sun.


life to never be the same

while your heart vacillates

like the tide by the seashore

that you so wildly long for.

How I fell so in love with thee

enraptured by a romantic novel

with words bleeding off torn pages

and every drop fills an empty crippled spirit.

My lady of the wind

beautiful as you may be

I can hear you crying

through this lonely passage drowned in

shadows that weep under breathless trees.

When shalt thou find peace?

Find it in me if all else fails

for my imperfections are a spec

to  pain caused by the undeserving.

My touch hinders your rage

forgetting how we lived before love.

Oh! Beautiful lady of the wind

do not lift your comfort from me

stroke this masculinity frail,

fill my crippled soul with bleeding words

torn from pages of a romantic novel

where endless sunsets recollect our unabridged love

withering the wind until you fall in my arms.

Missing You

Unsettling mind
lost pieces of a torn heart
a disturbed reality awakens
perilously feeling loneliness

only your touch can heal all wounds

Framed memories
emotionally disputatious
to what end?
shared moments nostalgic

only your presence fills the empty room

Beginning again
waiting for the unavoidable
amorous tears cover your redolence
until you return

reliving showered kisses missing under the moon

Lips of Honey

I smell the taste of honey,
precluding argumentation of abstract feelings
yet I still find the words
the soul holds no boundaries to what it can hide
and eventually reveal
Hope is all we have
conceptualizing the strength of an embrace
a timeless longing
extracting the universe we created
from our perception
Like a dying moment
Slipping from the essence of consciousness
A dull sky, grey and lifeless
as the setting of bittercold fills my heart.
In dire need of your touch,
frantically gasping,
as with every breath
failing to remember your scent
A silent numbness overwhelms.
extracting the universe we created
from our perception
Like a fire engulfing a memory
burying the laughs and cries
beneath the rage of flames
immortally wounding,
all that I crave to feel.
I smell the taste of your honey
on my lips,
your kiss.